It was such an honor to chat with Donald Burns about my new book “Customer Service is the Bottom Line” and to dig deep on the importance of customer service in 2017.

During the broadcast, we had some excellent questions and it was a true pleasure to talk about how customer service directly impacts your bottom line.

I love connecting with true restaurant professionals and Donald is an exemplary example of a true professional who wants to leave an impact on the industry.

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How to Beef Up Your Restaurant Resume

4 Ways to an Interview

Resumes are a dime a dozen. Restaurants are flooded with them, and the truth is most restaurant managers will spend at most 30 seconds looking at them. When I speak to my colleagues about restaurant resumes, they all say they can get an understanding of who you are within 10-15 seconds.

At the end of the day, restaurant professionals – like all of us – are busy. The best way to learn about someone is to call them in for an interview. That’s where you can really dive in and figure out how someone handles different situations.

But your resume is the most important tool to get you into that interview – once you get in, it’s all on your ability to sell yourself to the restaurant manager & operations team.

Click here to go over 4 different ways you can beef up your restaurant resume, and what restaurant owners will look for when reviewing them.

Article was originally published to the Toast Blog on 2/20/17

I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook with The Restaurant Coach Donald Burns to discuss how Customer Service is the Bottom Line.

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Everyone wants to be recognized for something. The problem with seeking recognition is the equivalent of starting a business solely for the money.

One of my mentors told me that if you are the smartest person in the room… you’re in the wrong room altogether.

You see, it’s not about being the smartest in the room. It’s not about receiving the credit for positive changes in your restaurant. It should be about the team that you put together that helps you move your restaurant forward and as a leader, you should be willing to give the team the credit.

You receive recognition as the owner of the restaurant for the restaurant growth. It’s your vision that started it all but the people that you put onto your team to help you with it, they are all looking to be recognized by you.

The more you succeed, the bigger influence you have on your employees, your customers, and your community. Focus on the impact you make in the community and you will receive credit. But success isn’t about YOU – it’s about your IMPACT within your community.