My Book Is Published!

My book, “Customer Service is the Bottom Line” has been published since Thursday, March 30th. When it first went on sale, I rose from someone who had published a book to hitting #1 under the Hospitality category on Amazon and that was a very exciting moment for me.

My mission with this book is to get this book into the hands of over 1 million restaurant professionals so I can make a massive impact on the way restaurant’s operate their business.

It is available on Amazon in the kindle version as well as the paperback version. You can order it here.

If you would like to order large quantities for your restaurant or organization, please reach out to me here.

Also, if you book me to speak for your company or organization, you’ll get 50 books for FREE!

It was such an honor to chat with Donald Burns about my new book “Customer Service is the Bottom Line” and to dig deep on the importance of customer service in 2017.

During the broadcast, we had some excellent questions and it was a true pleasure to talk about how customer service directly impacts your bottom line.

I love connecting with true restaurant professionals and Donald is an exemplary example of a true professional who wants to leave an impact on the industry.

Make sure to leave a comment on the video thread letting us know your thoughts or to ask any question!

I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook with The Restaurant Coach Donald Burns to discuss how Customer Service is the Bottom Line.

It’s a public event so make sure to tune in to learn about how to take your restaurant to the next level.

Make sure to click the link below to get a reminder on Facebook for when we go live!

See you there!

Date: March 15, 2017
Time: 06:00-07:00 p.m. PST
Event: Facebook Live Interview
Topic: How Customer Service is the Bottom Line
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

4 Ways To Constantly Improve Your Restaurant’s Service

How does your restaurant stand out? There are articles talking about the restaurant bubble and how it’s about to pop because there’s a surplus of restaurants. Having delicious food isn’t going to guarantee that people will keep coming back. Having terrific service isn’t going to be enough.

Credit: FoodableTV

It’s a specific combination of the food, the service, and being the restaurant in the front of everyone’s mind. But exceptional service is critical to achieving success in the restaurant space.

How can you get your restaurant and your team to be constantly striving for excellence on a daily basis?

Click here to find out how tips on how to improve your service – today!

This article was originally published on FoodableTV on 2/3/17.