3 Ways to Inspire Ownership Within Your Hourly Employees

Getting an hourly employee to think of the business as their own is a big ask, but it’s not impossible. Having a strong culture will create a working environment that sets itself apart from the rest of the jobs out there.

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But how can you instill a sense of ownership into your employees who are really only there until they move onto their career? It all starts with taking a look at these three points.

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This article was originally published on FoodableTV on 1/16/17.

How To Create a Team of Forward Thinkers

Forward-thinking is having the ability to see, predict, and plan ahead. This is a highly sought-after skill, and yet, not a lot of people have this skill within them. We look for people with experience because forward-thinking is a talent that comes with days in the field.

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It’s not something that you can just acquire simply because you want to be a forward thinker. In management, you cannot foresee the issues that you will experience growing from one store to 100 stores. Why? You simply haven’t experienced the growth, so you don’t know what to look out for.

One of the biggest struggles that restaurant owners have is that they start to grow, but in order to keep up with the growth, they have to promote from within. The biggest issue with promoting from within is that the people you are promoting probably lack the skills that you need or want them to have.

You want to promote from within because it promotes loyalty amongst your brand and employees — but at what cost?

Without a little forward-thinking of your own, you’ll just end up with a big headache because you weren’t prepared to train everyone properly. Or perhaps you were prepared, but they weren’t prepared to step into the role, particularly when it comes to communication.

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This article was originally published on FoodableTV on 11/18/16.


Why Your Restaurant Should Be Involved With The Community

There’s a major difference between being a community-driven restaurant and a restaurant that is driven by the community that it resides in.

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A community-driven restaurant finds the community benefits and accents them as part of the restaurant. If your restaurant’s community is known for its fresh produce, a community-driven restaurant would create dishes to highlight the community.

But that’s only the first step to creating a successful restaurant. The second step of creating a successful restaurant is to be an establishment that your community is proud to have in the area. The stronger the ties to the community, the stronger the connection people will have to your restaurant.

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This article was originally posted on FoodableTV on 11/4/16.

4 Ways to Teach Your Managers To Work Smarter and Prevent Employee Burnout

The restaurant industry has a lot of moving parts. Quality managers that know and understand the industry are very hard to come by, which is why it’s your responsibility, as an employer, to protect them from hitting the point of burning out.

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The reason why it’s your responsibility is because it’s your brand on the line and employees that are feeling burnt out can result in problems at work between co-workers or customers.

We invest a lot of time, energy, and money into training people. If they are top quality managers, you want to do everything in your power to turn it around before throwing in the towel.

The truth is, a lot of managers put a lot of care into their work and are hard workers, but no one has ever taught them how to be effective. They show up to work and can become very reactionary throughout the day, which increases stress levels, makes them feel unorganized, and that the day was very chaotic. Why? It stems from them having no clear plan.

But if you look at the top at your leadership, instead of blaming them for their shortcomings, you will find that it was simply a lack of training on your part as the employer.

In order to get the most out of your management team, you need to train them better.

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This article was originally published on FoodableTV on 10/8/16.